We are very sorry to cheat in this way...

… But we are currently testing if we should have an english version of our website. Until now we have always only had a website in Danish AND the majority of our current clients are based in Denmark in one way or another.  So far it seems that:

of all visitors have Danish as their default browser language
0 %
of all visitors are located in Denmark
0 %

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We actually DO speak English and the majority of our projects are actually documented in English so the entire development team can be involved in all design projects – Also if there are factories or other departments that needs to be kept in the loop.

Please, if you have any questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us. Especially if you have questions or feedback on how we could make more information available to international clients.

The Short Story

Design thinkers

Ideaal was founded as a design studio in 2009. From the very beginning with a focus on fitting design into a business context. This approach has made the company into what it is today. 


Ideaal approaches all projects as challenges or problems to be solved and apply design thinking methods to the process to reach desirable outcomes. Outcomes being both physical products, services, apps, workshops or even new businesses or insights.

4 stage process

The projects are carried out through a systematic 4 stage process that consists of “Gathering insights”, “Ideation”, “Design” and “Development”. Project duration ranges from few weeks to years.

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